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The team from Maid VIP Window Cleaning and Power Washing did an incredible job with our house today. The guys were courteous and kind, and they worked hard to make our house look like new. Our home was built 2 years ago, and we never cleaned the siding or deep-cleaned any of our windows. They cleaned the entire house, the back/front patios, the windows, screens, and gutters. They are highly recommended and I will be using them again in the future. Great family-owned company! - Lauren B.

Our maid services in Agoura Hill offer a variety of cleaning packages tailored to meet your individual needs. Our house cleaning services are available near you, whether you require a deep cleaning once a year, weekly or biweekly maintenance or specialized cleaning like move-in/move out. Our top priority is your satisfaction, so we tailor our services according to your needs.

The booking process for a Maid VIP house cleaning is simple, straight-forward and 100% customizable. Booking begins by selecting which service you want: Move-out Cleaning, House Cleaning, Hourly Cleaning Carpet Cleaning or Windows Washing. After selecting your house cleaning service you will be presented with a list of fields that are filtered by your initial selection. You can customize your housecleaning service if you choose house cleaning. Please provide the exact square footage of your home to help us determine the price range for maid services. You can then select how many bedrooms and bathrooms you would like to be cleaned. Cleaning includes the common areas in your home, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen and hallways. You will then be shown any additional services that you have not selected. Select the extras you need and the price will adjust. In the comments section of your house cleaning booking, you should include any special instructions that you want your housekeeper to follow. One common comment is "Please focus on the wood floors and glass patio doors. It bugs me that my dog has always rubbed his nose against it. Thanks!" The final section is payment. You will need to enter your credit/debit cards information for the professional house cleaning services. The hold is put on the day of the clean, but the charge will not be made until the end of the clean.

We are grateful for the work you did to make our roof and home shine. The crew was very thorough, moving furniture and protecting plants. The mud wasps nests that are found in our house were removed without damaging the cedar shingles painted on our house. The roof looks great again. No more dark areas or algae. We are looking forward to the interior and exterior of our windows being done this month. Thank you Caesar and your team! Stacy D.

The cost of replacing carpets can be very high! Maid VIP Carpet Clean will expertly and beautifully revitalize your commercial or home carpet at a fraction the cost.

The dirt is carried by the feet of all those who have walked past and the microscopic particles from the outside. You can feel the change in weather when you live in Agoura hills, CA. Everything that is outside makes its way inside. Most of us have a daily and weekly routine for cleaning, but we also need to do a Spring cleaning every now and then. You probably own a vacuum if you have carpet. Even the best vacuums or steam cleaners for consumers cannot penetrate the deep carpet fibers. Cleaning your carpet will improve your home and your life, and also make your guests feel welcome. It will also prolong the life of the carpet. Spending money on a carpet is a good idea. It can also boost the value of your property when you decide to sell or rent it. If you want to make your home look the best it can, Maid VIP Carpet Cleaning Agoura Hill, CA is what you need.

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Do not let unattractive stains or foul odors persist any longer! You can get the cleaning you need by using Maid VIP carpet cleaning in Agoura Hills.

Maid VIP makes it easy to book a cleaning service. It is 100% customizable and straightforward. The customer selects the service they would like to be completed. This can include: Move-out cleaning (house cleaning), Hourly cleaning (carpet cleaning or window washing), House cleaning and Move-in cleaning. You'll be shown a list with fields filtered according to your choice once you choose your house-cleaning service. When you choose the house cleaning option, you have the ability to customize your cleaning service. You must provide us with the square footage so that we can calculate the base price of maid service. Once you have completed this, you will be able to select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you wish to have cleaned. Included in the cleaning are the common areas such as the hallways, living room, and dining room. Then you will see any extras not included in your selected home cleaning. You can choose the extras which are applicable to your situation, and you will see that the final price of the cleaning job is adjusted accordingly. It is important to include a note in the "comments" section when booking a house cleaner. This will let them know what you'd like to be cleaned. The most common comment we hear is: "Please pay special attention to the glass patio door and wood floors." I hate it when my dog puts his nose on the door. Thanks!" Payment is next. Enter the credit/debit information you wish to use for your house cleaning professional service. You will be charged after the cleaning, not on the same day.

Our service is based on trust. We understand that inviting anyone into your personal space is a big deal. We make sure that our maids not only have the skills, but are also trustworthy and background-checked. They are also reviewed after each clean. By choosing us, you are selecting a team of professionals who treat your home with the same respect as if they were theirs.

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Maid VIP cleaned the windows at our home. Maid VIP was excellent. When they finished, there was not a single spot or streak. The staff at Maid VIP even removed all the bugs from our garage window. The scheduling and proposal process is efficient. They contacted me shortly before my scheduled date to confirm and even reached out that afternoon to ensure we were happy with the service. Karen was the person we spoke to for scheduling. She was efficient and pleasant. This company is highly recommended. - Kera S.

It is our mission to make your life easier by providing impeccable housekeeping and an orderly home. We know that your time and well-being are precious. A clean and organized home is the best way to ensure this. Our team of maids is dedicated to making sure that your home is clean and organized according to your personal preferences.

Our professionalism is a result of our extensive training and experience in providing regular cleaning services, organic eco-friendly services and outstanding customer service.

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Maid VIP offers the best house cleaning services in Agoura. We offer a wide range of cleaning options to suit every need. Post-construction cleaning is available for large remodeling projects which leave a fine layer of white powder dust in the home. Cleaners will use wet rags to wipe every surface in the house. The process is time-consuming and may require several cleanings, as dust can remain airborne for a while before settling on surfaces.

The Maid VIP booking tool makes it easy to book this maid service or any other cleaning service. You can book your cleaning service in just a few minutes, if not even seconds. Our cleaning company has performed a fair amount of post-construction cleans, but we do the majority of our cleanings as regular house cleaning in Agoura. Regular cleaning is a weekly, biweekly, or triweekly interval. The frequency of cleaning you choose will depend on how clean your home is between cleanings. The greater the discount, the more often we clean your home.

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We are unmatched in carpet cleaning! We are the most trusted carpet cleaners in Agoura Hill! We at Maid VIP Carpet Cleaner use only the most eco-friendly carpet cleaning techniques to ensure that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and last a long time.

We promise to do the job right on the first try. If you're not satisfied with our work, we will make it right.

Our service is built on trust. We understand that inviting someone to your private space takes confidence. Our maids have been screened for trustworthiness, their background checked, and are reviewed after each cleaning. You're choosing to work with a team who will treat your home like it was their own.

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We have always operated in Agoura Hill by hiring the best people and training them to be exceptional. We will never send anyone out to a job that we don't feel is qualified. We hold our technicians to a high standard and this makes a big difference in the quality of our work.

It is important to have ambitious employees and a culture that focuses on developing everyone's skills. At Maid VIP Carpet Cleaning, we invest time and resources in cultivating these fundamentals. It shows up in the quality of our work and the speed with which we can satisfy our customers' needs.

Maid VIP strives to offer the best possible house cleaning service. We will send a professional housekeeper with a 5-star rating to your house once we have determined the type of cleaning that you need. We process payment once the job is done, you have walked through the house with the cleaner, and the cleaner has packed their cleaning supplies and left. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted. The credit card is held on the day of cleaning, and the card will be charged after cleaning. SSL encryption ensures that your credit card details are secure. Cash tips are accepted by the professional house cleaner. If you prefer to tip with your credit card instead, you can contact the representative and let them know the amount. You can create or login into your Maid VIP account and enter the tip amount in the scheduled booking.