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Agoura hills is a Los Angeles County city which provides access to the Santa Monica Mountains. The many outdoor activities available here will captivate the outdoors enthusiast. Incubus Linkin Park, and Hoobstank are just a few of the local bands that have taken to the international stage due to their proximity to LA. A town with a population as small as Agoura's can have such a big impact on the music scene. Maid VIP Cleaning Referral Agency provided professional cleaning services to many homes throughout the Agoura region, from the hillside homesteads that cover several acres all the way down to the suburbs located along the 101 Freeway. Whatever house cleaning service you need, we can help. Moving across the city or country? You can count on us to provide a thorough move-out cleaning that will impress the new owner beyond belief. Are you looking for a Spring or one-time cleaning of your home? This is also something we can do. We can vacuum up old spiderwebs from your ceiling corners, and we'll remove dust that has accumulated during winter. Are you tired of having a messy house? We offer weekly or bi-weekly professional housecleaning schedules. The higher the discount the more frequently you book. Up to 20% off your weekly cleanings. Go outside to enjoy the fresh air. Visit the farmer's market or an open-air music concert.

Of course! Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual home. Our most popular services include: laundry services, dishwashing service, wiping the walls, cleaning windows and baseboards. We also clean the insides of ovens and refrigerators and sweep out garages and patio spaces.

The best window and power washing company in the area. They have helped us prepare for grand openings. They are always on time and considerate of their surroundings. They are excellent for any job. Staff is great. - Barbara H.

We search for the best house cleaners Agoura has to offer. We review the professional housekeepers' registration information to determine if they can offer a quality housekeeping service in Agoura. The first step is to conduct a personal or video interview with a professional house cleaner. In order to know the house cleaner that will be cleaning the customer's home, we need to conduct a thorough interview. Then, we check their experience as a professional housekeeper to see if they have the necessary skills and knowledge. After that, they send us a picture of the cleaning products they feel most confident using in their job. Professional house cleaners provide their own cleaning materials. It's important that the house cleaners use products and tools they are most comfortable with, and which make them feel confident about their abilities to perform the best possible cleaning. Finally, we conduct a thorough background check on the house cleaners to ensure they are trustworthy. You can feel confident and safe in the professional housekeeping services you receive.

Booking a flat rate house cleaning is usually the best option. It ensures the whole cleaning project is completed, no matter how long it takes. Booking a cleaning hourly is more practical in some cases. Most often, only certain parts of the house need to be cleaned. If the house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, but only the bathroom and kitchen needs to be cleaned. It may be more convenient to book an hourly service in this situation. The cost of Maid VIP is calculated based on a minimum 2 hour booking. The professional house cleaner can finish the job if the initial cleaning project checklist is completed before the 2-hour mark. Additional house cleaning tasks could include: washing windows, folding laundry, mopping floors, etc.

Your carpet tells a story about your life. The carpet in your home is a reflection of the people who have walked on it and the microscopic dirt from the world outside. You can feel the change in weather when you live in Agoura hills, CA. Everything that is outside makes its way inside. Most of us have a daily and weekly routine for cleaning, but we also need to do a Spring cleaning every now and then. You probably own a vacuum if you have carpet. Even the best vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners for consumers cannot penetrate the deep carpet fibers. Cleaning your carpet will improve your home and your life, and also make your guests feel welcome. It will also prolong the life of the carpet. Spending money on a carpet is a good idea. It can also boost the value of your property when you decide to sell or rent it. If you want to make your home look the best it can, Maid VIP Carpet Cleaning Agoura Hill, CA is what you need.

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We see your business as more than just a transaction. Our team members fulfill our servant-leadership role during and beyond our work with you.

Get into the Holiday Spirit - Christmas Light Installation Services and Costs It's time again for the twinkling lights to fill the streets.

Winter is coming! Winter is Coming!

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Maid VIP Carpet Clean is aware of the value you place on your rug and guarantees that it will be cleaned with care, giving each fiber special attention to bring out maximum vibrancy.

Maid VIP has been cleaning my windows for many years. It was great to have them here today! They are incredible! They are courteous and respectful and clean better than I ever could have imagined! Joe, thank you for another well-done job. You guys are amazing! - Vicky C.

Why replace your furniture when Maid Vip Carpet Cleaner can make it look like new? We can restore your furniture to its original condition, whether it is microfiber or leather.

Maid VIP Window Washing Services Agoura Hills

Clean, streak-free, and fast! Repeat customers are a great reason. The patios were power washed as part of this most recent experience - WOW! It is a pleasure to work with Maid VIP. Keep up the great work. Keep up the good work.

We understand that you're busy, and we know that you needed something cleaned immediately. We don't waste time scheduling your appointment. Our carpet cleaners are ready and waiting to help.

Our number one priority is your health and safety, which is why we only use eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods. Carpet cleaning companies are not prohibited from using dangerous chemicals. It is important to ensure that the company you hire will pay attention to what ingredients are in their cleaning solution.

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We can clean all types of upholstery in Agoura Hills. This includes cushions, chairs, sofas, and anything else. We can clean anything that is dirty.

Maid VIP provides a range of cleaning services for different types of homes in Agoura. We provide apartment cleaning, townhouse and condo cleaning, residential cleaning, and even RV cleaning! We are always curious to know what you want to achieve with your cleaning project and how we can accommodate it.

Every year, Maid VIP performs hundreds of cleanings for move-outs. And I completely understand why! It's not fun to move out of an apartment or home. It's fun to imagine your new home, but getting there isn't enjoyable. You have to start by thinking about the packing. You will then need to complete a detailed move-out clean of your house so that it is pristine for your next tenant, and you can get your deposit. Here is where Maid VIP shines! Professional housemaids enjoy nothing more than seeing the difference in a home's appearance.

Maid VIP Power Washing Services Agoura Hills

Maid VIP Carpet Cleaning goes one step beyond by using eco-friendly cleaning products. The use of harsh chemicals can cause a number of problems within your home. The chemicals can cause damage to carpets and furniture, as well as being harmful to customers' health.

We believe that having a variety of services available is just the beginning of our importance as a small company. We care about how our customers feel and think about their home or office, so we came up with 4 core principles that we strive to achieve in every cleaning service.

A deep clean is an excellent way to bring your home back to life! Dust that collects in easy-to reach places above the waist can be easily cleaned by a quick swipe of the hands. It is not recommended to scrub the shower walls or the kitchen cabinets, nor to crouch over the mop and clean the floor while scrubbing. If it has been between 1 and 3 months since you last had your house professionally cleaned, we recommend booking a deeper cleaning. Some of our regular customers book a deep clean with us about every six months to give their house the attention and care it deserves.

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